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Mevo features a flexible SDK.

The Mevo SDK is designed for developers to take control of their cameras to use and enhance Mevo for a wide range of new applications.

Applications of the Mevo SDK

SDK API Functionalities

Mevo Audio/Video API


Get full access to the low latency h264/AAC transport stream to decode, display, recording and computer vision processing on remote computers, cloud computers or mobile devices.

Available views:
1. Full 150 degree field of view stream
2. Cropped program output stream

Integration code samples included for VLC, FFmpeg, OpenCV, MaxMSP, Processing (java), OpenFrameworks/Cinder (c++), Touch Designer


Download and delete files from the local SD Card over the network.

Mevo Control API over TCP/IP

Virtual camera control API

Create camera cuts, virtual camera moves directly on the 4K sensor RAW data from the sensor using the realtime crop API.


Start/Stop and get status.


Start/Stop and get status.

Audio Mixer Control

Settings controls

Turn off Mevo


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